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PayPal Confirms Steam Winter Sale Dates

The annual Steam Winter Sale is scheduled to commence this week on December 22, claims peer-to-peer payment service provider PayPal.

Coincidentally, the same date was leaked earlier this month through a message that Valve sent to Steam developers. The message explicitly mentioned that the holiday sale would proceed three days before Christmas and store listings should be updated accordingly.

With PayPal’s categorical confirmation, we’re likely to believe that the rumored date is legitimate.

While PayPal didn’t reveal as to when the Steam Winter Sale is going to end, the message from earlier this month mentioned January 2. Last year’s sale also ran through to the same date. Hence, you can be sure of the event’s duration while you’re busy with the season’s festivities.

We should be hearing an official announcement in the next couple of days from Valve. As we’ve come to see with recent Steam sales, the discounts remain the same from the first day of the sale to the last. Opposed to prior sales where you could see the same item on sale with a greater discount multiple times, Valve has changed that to ensure users don’t have to be glued to the Steam Store window throughout the event.

As such, you better prepare your wallet for the year-end discounts. What games are you considering of purchasing this time around?

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