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New Game Plus Mode Drops for Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV was hit by another update earlier today that dropped a New Game Plus mode for players to enjoy during the festive season.

Those who have already completed the main story can choose to play through it all once again, courtesy of the New Game Plus mode. All weapons, items, magic, and skills that you’ve earned, discovered, or unlocked during the first play-through will automatically carry forward to your second run. However, the new mode doesn’t offer any further difficulty options which is disappointing.

Besides the addition of the mode, today’s update also includes Christmas-themed photo frames for your selfies. Be prepared for another update tomorrow where Square Enix will release a full Holiday DLC pack. We don’t have any details on what’s in store for us but we don’t have to wait that long to find out.

Mostly recently, Square Enix revealed the complete DLC plan for Final Fantasy XV, which should make everyone really happy. The plan includes multiple free updates and six paid expansion packs. The final paid DLC pack, Comrades, will introduce online co-op.

Final Fantasy XV released on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after being in development for several years. Multiple delays hampered the game’s development, further pushing the release date forward.

According to reports, the game shipped over 5 million copies to retailers on launch day. While this is a new record for the franchise, it doesn’t tell how many of those units were actually sold to consumers.

Last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia published a top-20 ranking list for sales on the Japanese PlayStation Store. Final Fantasy XV is doing wonderfully well as far as digital medium is concerned. The game has been the top seller for two weeks straight, even beating games like Yakuza 6 and The Last Guardian.

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