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God of War Development Update: Playable From Start to Finish

Following its announcement at E3 2016, God of War has seemingly been a subject of taboo as far as Sony Santa Monica Studio is concerned.

Since the debut trailer, we’ve received no substantial update for the upcoming PlayStation 4 title. Rather, we saw the studio publish several job adverts for the game which signified that God of War was far from finished. Hence, it was incredibly surprising to know this week that God of War can already be played from start to finish.

Taking to Twitter, game director Cory Barlog shared that the game has reached a “very exciting milestone”. Internally, the leads have been able to do a full playthrough of the game. Now this doesn’t mean that the game is finished. Its current development state, though, exceeds our expectations.

We could put the game in a pre-alpha setting, meaning that most of its assets and story mode are finalized. Barlog only recently revealed that most of the shooting of the game has also been concluded. This is incredibly exciting news for fans of the franchise.

God of War has apparently been in development for over two years now. A release in fall 2017 was always being debated upon, but majority had already pegged the game for 2018. However, with the recent update, could we see the game hit shelves during the next holiday season?

It’s uncertain to say so but it wouldn’t be completely impossible. At the very least, the new development milestone means that Sony Santa Monica should be ready to give us another look at the game in the coming months.

The new God of War is set after the events of the original trilogy, featuring Kratos again but this time with his son. There’s no information on the young lad and the developer has been keen to not reveal any spoilers for the story setting of the game.

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