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Free Mafia III DLC Adds New Mode, Outfits and Car Customizations

Mafia III has received a free expansion pack that adds bonus content for players to busy themselves with during the holiday season.

A “big request” from the player-base was to see car customization in the game. 2K Games has heard that request. The new DLC introduces ten brand new customization features for players to work with on their favorite cars. Six of them can be unlocked through normal gameplay while the other three are attached with the Family Kick-Back DLC. The publisher also threw in a new Griffin Marauder as an early Christmas gift.

The crime-infested open-world of Mafia III now features a racing mode with 12 distinct races; six are circuit lap races and the other six are point-to-point ones. Players must head for all three of the game’s lieutenants in order to unlock the race markers.

Doing well on the race tracks will earn you new customization options and even the Griffin Marauder. However, for the new car you must place high in every track.

2K Games has also added three enew outfits for Lincoln Clay, including Bad, Bad Mr. Burke, On the Prowl, and The Classico. The only way to get that last one is to link your My2K account to Mafia III.

The publisher noted that this isn’t the last free update for the game. Mafia III is likely to receive more free content updates in the future.

Following its release in October, Mafia III shipped 4.5 million units in its launch week. That’s a new launch record for the publisher. However, Mafia III was met with criticism over a rather stretched campaign with bland single-player activities. Even Strauss Zelnick, CEO of parent company Take-Two Interactive, agreed that the initial reviews for the game were much lower than expected.

Steam is launching its Winter sale tomorrow. If you’ve yet to play the game, there’s a chance it will be available at a nice discount.

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