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Free Hitman Mission Tasks You With Saving Christmas

Square Enix and IO Interactive are releasing additional free content for Hitman this month that is themed around the festive occasion of Christmas.

A new mission titled “Holiday Hoarders” sees two thieves breaking into a fashion show to steal everyone’s presents. Your job is stopping the duo from ruining the month for everyone, and are authorized to use lethal force if necessary.

To make it more interesting, players can choose to get to presents before the thieves and use whatever is inside. From a new sweater from grandma to a sturdy baseball bat. Each present packs a surprise for Agent 47. As per an announcement trailer, you’ll be able to wear a Santa costume as a disguise to move past tense situations.

The Holiday Hoarders mission takes place in a new snow-covered version of Paris, decked out with Christmas lights and trees, jingles in the air, a lot of holiday decorations, presents, laughter, and more.

The free Hitman mission is scheduled to release on December 13 as part of the month’s update. In addition to the Christmas season, the developer is using the free content to support the World Cancer Research Fund. Fans are encouraged to donate whatever they can to help with the cause.

A content roadmap for December has also been released. It includes multiple new Elusive Targets, a new Challenge Pack, and an Escalation contract.

Week 1: December 5-11

  • “Master Sniper” Challenge Pack (5 new challenges in Sapienza)

Week 2: December 12-18

  • December Game Update
  • “Holiday Hoarders” Mission
  • Elusive Target #16 in Sapienza

Week 3: December 19-25

  • Escalation Contract in Sapienza

Week 4: December 26-31

  • Elusive Target #17 in Bangkok
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