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Dishonored 2 Adds New Game Plus Mode for Free

A month after its official release, Dishonored 2 has received a new free update that adds a New Game Plus mode.

Arkane Studios had already announced the mode last week, allowing players to replay the entire game using any Bonecharm traits or runes attained through the first run. However, surely there must be more incentives for us to even consider going through the intense ordeal of completing Dishonored 2 again.

As the developer explained, New Game Plus mode allows players to access the ability kits of both Corvo and Emily. Regardless of who you chose to complete the first run of the game, initiating the new mode will allow you to tap into the other person’s powers. This should open up to interesting combinations of spells and attacks, and different ways of executing missions.

As such, the player-base continues to ask about the absence of a basic feature. Dishonored 2 still has no option of replaying specific levels again. With the first title, we were free to run through levels again in order to accomplish achievements and tasks. This is not true for the second title.

According to the developer, an update scheduled for January will introduce that feature. In addition to that, the update will also provide “custom difficulty” settings to have players tailor the experience to their liking.

Dishonored 2 is an absolute stealth marvel! Do not pay heed to others complaining about a steep difficulty curve. Yes, the game is challenging compared to the first one. Yes, you’ll probably die often on certain missions. Yes, the ordeal is not only intense but also frustrating. However, it’s the satisfaction to be had after successfully completing a mission that attracts us to Dishonored 2.

With Valve’s Steam Winter Sale reported to be commencing later this week. Make sure to add the game to your wishlist and punch the buy button when the opportunity presents itself. This game needs to be played this holiday season.

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