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Crytek Breaks Silence Over Unpaid Wages, Closes Multiple Studios

Crytek has finally broken silence over recent reports that painted the company in a dire shade of grey.

Based on claims made by anonymous employees, the developer of Crysis and Ryse has been unable to pay wages since May. However, Eurogamer has confirmed that salaries for October have arrived with November wages set to be paid sometime this week.

Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. In an issued press release, Crytek announced the closure of multiple studios: Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai (China) and Istanbul (Turkey).

The company is also refocusing its “core strengths” and will operate out of Frankfurt and Kiev. CryEngine “will remain a core pillar of Crytek’s overall strategy, with enterprise licensees and indie developers alike continuing to be served by regular engine updates”. Additionally, the company is comitted to supporting developers using its CryEngine technology. This includes Cloud Imperium Games and its ambitious project, Star Citizen.

“Undergoing such transitions is far from easy, and we’d like to sincerely thank each and every staff member – past and present – for their hard work and commitment to Crytek,” said co-founder and managing director Avni Yerli. These changes are part of the essential steps we are taking to ensure Crytek is a healthy and sustainable business moving forward that can continue to attract and nurture our industry’s top talent.”

At one time, Crytek was a name symbolic with high-end PC games. Along the way, the company shifted its focus towards other arrays. Most recently, the company released Robinson: The Journey and The Climb for VR. It has also tested the waters of the mobile video games market as well as the free-to-play genre.

The situation at Crytek right now is alarming. Many employees have left, while others remain — but with one foot out the door. Some have already secured new jobs.

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