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You Can Now Uber To Your Friend’s Location And Add Snapchat Filters To Your Ride

Uber has revealed a few new features in its latest update. They involve your friends and Snapchat. The first new feature will allow you to take a ride to where ever your friend is at the time. This, of course, requires you to sync your contacts with the app. The second feature will let you post on Snapchat while on your Uber ride with special filters designed for your ride. It’s a great partnership, considering that mostly, people are our destination, not places. It avoids having to locate where your destination is, just in case your destination isn’t marked clearly on Uber’s map. And since a lot of people post on Snapchat via travelling, it’s a great marketing strategy for Uber. It just makes things a lot more convenient and social.

The “friend-as-your-destination” feature requires you to send a request to your friend. Once they approve, you can pin down their location and Uber on over. The app will request access to your book though but if you’ve ever split a fare with the friend in question or shared a referral code, you’ll have granted the app that permission anyway. This feature will also share your ETA with the friend in question. This includes a link to an updating map and estimated arrival time.

Speaking of ETA, it’ll automatically be shared via the Snapchat feature. Once you post on Snapchat during your ride and use the custom filter, your ETA will be included in the post. It’s a great use of both applications. Snapchat is all about the now, the fleeting moment that will disappear, and Uber is all about being there instantly when you need a ride; they go hand in hand.

Uber-Snapchat Integration

Though this is a great move, it isn’t exactly new. Lyft has been partnering with Snapchat for a long time to promote discounts and free rides with celebrities. For instance, they gave Kylie Jenner a year’s worth of free rides after she got kicked off Uber. She then promoted the service to her millions of Snapchat followers.

Kylie Jenner promoting Lyft on Snapchat

Uber is currently the most widely accessible ride calling service in the world. It is aggressively expanding, available in 66 countries and incorporating local modes of transportation in every country including auto rickshaws and helicopters. It has faced resistance from governments and taxi companies as well as worker’s unions but its long-term game is to become a leader in public transport, going as far as incorporating buses into its service.



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