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You Can Now Add Colour To Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is apparently testing a feature that allows you to colour your Facebook posts. This feature is being tested in specific regions and is not currently available in the US. The feature will be rolling out globally over the next few days on Android, iOS and the Web.

“We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual. Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.”

-Facebook Spokesperson

You can use the feature by tapping one of the coloured circles below your text in a post. Bear in mind that the feature only works for text-only posts right now. Image, link and video posts will still only feature a white and blue colour scheme. The feature will only be available for Android users first and will arrive on iOS in the coming months. That in itself is news because Android users almost never get anything before iOS users.


The feature is definitely a way to get users to post more personal and original content, something which has been decreasing as of late. A report from The Information in April of this year showed that the rate of “original content broadcasting” was down by 21% since mid-2015 and “original broadcast sharing” was down by 15% as of April last year. When was the last time you posted something by yourself? Think about it. Most of our Facebook statuses and posts are shares of different posts or links to articles or videos. We do not say things for ourselves anymore. And this data proves it.

Facebook has been making small changes to the status box if you think about it, to get us to post more. The big text feature which displays shorter sentences in a larger font to grab your attention and now this colour feature are both cosmetic incentives to get us to post more.

This feature will soon be coming to all Facebook posts, not just text-only. After all, Facebook’s focus has shifted from text and pictures to video quite aggressively. The feature will also bring a very noticeable change to Facebook’s UI. For the first time since its inception, Facebook will no longer be the land of white and blue.

Also, this might tie-in favourably with Facebook’s product tagging feature for companies. Companies and brands will probably choose their own trademark colours for Facebook posts so that their pages and posts seem more recognisable and distinct throughout the News Feed.



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