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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Becomes US’ Top-Grossing Console Game

In the wake of monstrous criticism as well as speculation over the franchise’s demise, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has come out on top.

The latest NPD report for the sales charts of November has pegged the new installment in the series as the top-grossing console game. Activision went into action as well, announcing in a press release that Infinite Warfare is now the “#1 console video game in the US, based on year-to-date revenues from physical unit sales”.

The publisher now awaits the moment when it can release another press release where it announces the Infinite Warfare to be the best selling game of the year. We still have a month to go for that, and to be honest, that milestone seems a bit challenging for Call of Duty this year.

Do note that the NPD report exclusives digital sales and marked the label for only consoles. Combining digital sales, which have become increasingly popular nowadays, in the end with sales across all platforms, the final figure for Infinite Warfare should look healthier.

Ironically, the game has struggled with sales when compared with last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Reportedly, Infinite Warfare managed to sell only half of what Black Ops III did in its first month. However, even with low sales, this year’s installment has once again proved the strength behind the Call of Duty brand.

Activision’s decision to imprison Modern Warfare Remastered with the more expensive editions of Infinite Warfare may have worked in its favor. A lot of fans ended up purchasing the bundle just to get their hands on Modern Warfare Remastered. The publisher is yet to reveal when the game will be available for purchase as a standalone item.

So far, Activision has not released any sales figures for either game. In comparison, it was fairly quick to report figures for Black Ops III last year which made over $500 million in its first three days of launch. While we’ve not been told how Infinite Warfare fared, Activision did drop an announcement that the Call of Duty franchise has now soared past $10 billion in revenue.

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