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Battlefield 1 Teaser Gets Us Ready for the First DLC

They Shall Not Pass is the first downloadable content expansion pack for Battlefield 1 and is scheduled to arrive next year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get an early look into what the pack has in store for us.

Today, the official Battlefield 1 Twitter page went into action by teasing an illustration from the upcoming DLC. The image showcases an intense shootout inside a bunker with French flags hanging from the walls.

As previously mentioned, They Shall Not Pass will introduce two new armies, including France and the Russian empire. Additionally, as we’ve come to experience with past Battlefield installments, the DLC should bring a new multiplayer map as well as new weaponry.

Speaking of which, Battlefield 1 in its current state feels empty where weapons are concerned. Opposed to Battlefield 4, each class in the new installment has only four weapons to choose from. Each of those four weapons are further split into three types. In the case of Support, you’re basically picking the same weapon but get to choose between a larger magazine, scope in place of iron sight, or added accuracy with Bipod.

They Shall Not Pass is scheduled to release in March 2017. The game’s season pass is currently available for $50 but there’s little incentive for its purchase. If we’re lucky, by March there will be an opportunistic sale where we can snag the season pass for a nifty discount.

The Season Pass gives owners access to new maps two weeks in advance. Battlefield 1 received its first free DLC map, Giant’s Shadow, this week and is currently being played by owners. The map launches on December 20 for everyone else.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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