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Battlefield 1: Giant’s Shadow Free Map Releases for Everyone

Following today’s stealth update, those without a Battlefield 1 premium season pass can now access Giant’s Shadow.

The new multiplayer map was released earlier this month for free. However, only owners of the season pass were granted early access. Everyone else had to wait until today in order to experience the Battle of the Selle in the fall of 1918.

The name of the map takes inspiration from the fact that a massive airship crashed into an open field, casting a behemoth shadow over the entire battlefield.

EA is warming up to March 2017 when They Shall Not Pass, the first expansion pack for Battlefield 1, releases. Yesterday, the publisher talked about the upcoming content pack, sharing concept art and dropping a few historical facts.

They Shall Not Pass is set during the Battle of Verdun, in France. According to DICE, around 1 million shells were fired in the opening parts of the battle alone, leading to forest fires, which is why you’ll see trees engulfed in flames in the DLC maps. A version of the Samogneux village, destroyed by war, will be the focus of one of the maps, while another will depict the battles that took place inside Fort Vaux.

They Shall Not Pass will not only bring a new map but also more weapons and dog tags. At least one new playable army will also be introduced in the form of France. Owners of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass ($50) can play They Shall Not Pass and the other three upcoming expansions two weeks before everyone else can buy them.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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