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Alto’s Odyssey Will Follow Alto’s Adventure In 2017

If you’re a lover of minimalist or endless games you will have played Alto’s Adventure. If you haven’t go play now, it’s on both iOS, Windows and Android. It’s a simple, endless game where you ski along a snowy mountain top, chasing reindeer and outrunning village elders that you’ve woken. All this occurs against the backdrop of a rising and setting sun, that makes the game so much more beautiful than it would have been with a static setting. The game received universal acclaim amongst critics, received an Editor’s Choice on Google Play and was declared as the Best of 2015 by Apple. The game also racked up tens of millions of downloads on either platform. With that impressive feedback, it’s no wonder they made a sequel. Alto’s Odyssey is slated for release in 2017 and looks even more wistful and majestic than its predecessor.

Alto’s Adventure received near universal acclaim from critics and fans alike

Snowman, the game developer behind the Alto’s Adventure announced that they would be releasing Alto’s Odyssey in 2017. Snowman is also busy with two other announced games. One is called Distant, which has recently been announced with a beautifully haunting trailer and the other is Where Cards Fall.

While no release date for Odyssey has been specified, a teaser image shows a warmer climate, a different setting and a much more elaborate background and artwork than the previous game. The background features castles, flags, hot air balloons and birds flying in the distance. The signature sunset that made the game so beautiful is still in the background. The style of the artwork is still very similar and that’s because the original artists, Ryan Cash and Harry Nesbitt are returning.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP was noted for its 8-bit graphics, unique storyline, basic controls and beautiful soundtrack

Indie Games On The Mobile Platform

The indie platform has really had its moment of fame on the mobile platform. Games that truly fit the label, “less is more” have found a home on Mobile OS. Games like Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery and Monument Valley have received near universal acclaim and cult followings. Alto’s Adventure is no different. It may not have the hipster-fantasy fusion storyline of Superbrothers or the endorsement of Frank Underwood like Monument Valley but it did manage to catch the eye of casual gamers for its simplicity and elegance.

Monument Valley was mentioned in Season 3 of House of Cards as one of the games the protagonist, Frank Underwood enjoys playing on his iPad


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