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Xbox One S Finally Releases in Japan This Month

Microsoft’s slimmer Xbox One S console variant hits Japanese shelves later this month, the company announced during an event in Tokyo.

Those interested in purchasing the console should know that the initial supply will be limited. Hence, it’s advised to pre-order in advance and secure a unit for the holiday season.

Microsoft’s decision to release Xbox One S in Japan in limited quantities is hardly surprising. The overall demand for the console in the region is low. Sony has a history of dominating Japan over Microsoft but this generation has seen the Xbox brand dwindle further.

Xbox One S released in the west on August 2 and quickly found its way into neighboring territories. The Japanese releases comes substantially later but at the right time for the Japanese Holiday season. Microsoft undoubtedly hopes to use the upcoming shopping sprees to generate impressive sales figures.

According to Microsoft, the console will be priced at ¥34,980 (approximately $332) plus taxes. For now, the company has only confirmed one launch bundle: Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle (1TB). The coming days should see Microsoft confirm the entire launch lineup.

Xbox One sales in Japan are a dire story. Based on the latest Media Create numbers, Xbox One has managed to sell close to 70,000 units. The local community might find an attraction in the slimmer version. We’ll see whether or not Xbox One S manages to breathe life into the Xbox brand in Japan.

Previously, Xbox boss Phil Spencer stated that the company needs to make efforts in order to improve the success of the platform in the country. The release of PlayStation 4 Pro also combines to create an uphill battle for Microsoft. Spencer did manage to turn around the negative perception of the Xbox One. He may have a plan to do the same for Japan.

Xbox One S officially releases in the region on November 24.

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