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Watch James Bond Take Down Battlefield 1 Zeppelin in Legendary Fashion

It’s been just a couple of weeks since the release of Battlefield 1 and we’ve already watched a ton of impressive gameplay videos on the internet. That being said, this latest clip is probably the best one yet.

While flying over a Zeppelin, Redditor wookieatheart finally acknowledges his real mission from HQ. Rather than using petty machine guns of an aging biplane, he goes for a daring stunt in legendary fashion. Parachuting on top of the behemoth vessel, the player personally hand-delivers bombs to bring the ship down. That might not sound that impressive in words but does so in video.

You would think that such a stunt to bring down a Zeppelin is enough. Not for this Battlefield 1 player. As everyone on the ground looks up to the flaming fireball in the sky, he parachutes behind them to take out quite a few enemy soldiers before incapacitating a tank and then finally succumbing to a flanking foe.

Situational moments like these are what define the Battlefield brand. We saw it with Battlefield 3 and 4, and we’re seeing it again with the new World War I setting of Battlefield 1. DICE has done a tremendous job with the latest installment.

According to publisher Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1 saw the biggest launch in DICE’s history. The first week alone accounted for over 59 million hours of gameplay. 32 million Battlepacks were earned and over 120,000 horses were taken out. However, you shouldn’t feel that bad about the latter. The pesky animals also accounted for almost 6,000,000 road-kills. Elsewhere, players sent out close to 900,000 war pigeons.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Anyone who is still pondering over a potential purchase should think no more. Grab a copy as soon as possible and enjoy this year’s Battlefield experience.

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