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Upcoming Battlefield 1 Fixes Include Medals and Leaderboards

Developer DICE is already working on numerous fixes and features that will be part of the next Battlefield 1 update.

Taking to Twitter today, lead UI/UX designer Erik Ortman confirmed that DICE is looking into the reported issue of medals that has been worrying players since the game’s release. New “weekly medals” are getting stuck on the old ones, and should be corrected in the coming update.

The developer is also working on a fix for the end-of-game leaderboards which sometimes doesn’t show for players. Additionally, the next update should squash a bug which prevents players from quitting a game at the end.

Game producer Ali Hassoon joined the Twitter session as well, confirming that a future patch will limit the number of players on each class for a game. A Hardcore mode is yet to be added to Battlefield 1 but Hassoon mentioned that bullet damage will be set at around 140 percent. According to the producer, the reduction provides a more “well-rounded experience”.

This is still in testing though, and the final number might be different. There was no mention of a release date as DICE is still working on the mode.

In the mean time, Battlefield 1 is awaiting the release of its first custom game called Fog of War. It releases next week and promises a unique Team Deathmatch experience. Players will face limited visibility as they fight their way through a thick fog with the mini-map and soldier name tags turned off. Considering the excellent audio setup of the game, just imagine how you’ll be surrounded by sounds of gun-fire and the dying shouts of comrades.

Battlefield 1 is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Anyone who is still pondering over a potential purchase should think no more. Grab a copy as soon as possible and enjoy this year’s Battlefield experience.


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