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UK Retailer Lists Possible Price of Nintendo Switch

UK retailer GameSeek has begun taking pre-orders for the upcoming Nintendo Switch hybrid console, listing it for £198.50 or approximately $250.

Nintendo is yet to officially announce a price point for its new console. Hence, either GameSeek has already been told by official channels of the impending price tag or is simply winging it.

The retailer’s listing mentions that the pre-order price is guaranteed. This means that your initial investment is safe if the final price comes out to be higher as you’ll still pay the lower, aforementioned, figure. At the same time, if Nintendo officially announces Nintendo Switch for a lesser price, pre-order owners will have to pay the original listed price.

Interestingly there are rumors that GameSeek has begun refunding all customers who have so far placed a pre-order for the console. If that’s true then it might be because of Nintendo’s direct involvement.

A couple of weeks back, the official Canadian branch of Toys ‘R’ Us listed the Nintendo Switch for a price of CAD $329.99. The figure roughly comes about to USD $245 which just about touches the price point raised by the aforementioned UK retailer. It does seem that the upcoming console is going to cost somewhere around the same figure.

Nintendo is scheduled to host a major event in January where it will finally announce a price point for Nintendo Switch. In addition to that, the company also confirmed that it will reveal other details as well such as what games will accompany the console’s launch and of course, an exact launch date for the console itself.

The event is scheduled to take place on January 13 in Japan and is dubbed Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. Those around the world unable to attend in person can find solace in the fact that the entire event will be live-streamed. We’ll know soon enough how much we’ll have to cough up.

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