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Ubisoft Is Celebrating Christmas With 30 Days of Giveaways

Ubisoft is celebrating the holiday season by holding giveaways on a daily basis for the next 30 days.

The festive event has already begun, going live earlier today with the first giveaway in the form of Rayman Classic on mobile. In order to claim the gift, simply visit the following page, log into your Uplay account, and click on the highlighted day.

For clarification, the company’s 30 days of giveaways will not only just feature games but also other digital goodies. This includes “free digital assets” for games in your library, discounts for titles on the Ubisoft store, bonus add-on content, etc.

If you’re unable to visit the page on a daily basis, there’s little reason to fret. You can always come back later and open up all of the previous gifts, at least during the duration of the event.

The company warns, though, that some items will be gifted away in limited quantities. While Ubisoft refrained from providing further clarification, users are advised to visit on a daily basis to secure their gifts.

Furthermore, Ubisoft will hold a special competition later on where only 300 lucky winners will get the chance to win one of three select Ubisoft games. It’s unknown as to what games qualify for the event but the publisher has teased that they will be the company’s latest titles”. Perhaps that also includes Watch Dogs 2 which was just recently released to warming reviews.

Speaking of which, the sequel to the original hacking title hasn’t been doing well in sales charts despite favorable reviews. Launch week sales were down by 80 percent in the United Kingdom compared to the original Watch Dogs. In response, Ubisoft has stated that it has the utmost confidence in the game and the fact that “millions of players are going to love” what the game offers.

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