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Sony May Allow You to Change Your PSN Account Name Soon

The ability to change your PSN account name is one of the most requested features by the PlayStation consumer-base. As saddening as it is, users have been bugging Sony for the optional name change for years now.

This goes back to even the PlayStation 3 era. One would think that in all these years, Sony would have updated its policies and features to include the ability to change your PSN account name.

However, that could change soon. The Unreal Engine 4 was recently updated to support the new PlayStation 4 software development kit. The accompanying patch notes reveal that Sony is changing the way it identifies users on the PlayStation Network, further leading to hint a possible name-change feature in the near future.

According to the patch notes, developers are recommended to identify users online through their account ID rather than the traditional online ID. Elsewhere, the notes mention that several functions have been changed accordingly to tap into the user’s account ID instead of online ID.

Account names are changeable. However, what Sony did was enforce account IDs to everyone which are permanently stored in the system and cannot be changed. It’s also what the PlayStation Network relies on to identify players.

The introduction of PSN account names means that the system will still work flawlessly based on account IDs, leaving players free to change their account names on the surface. At least that’s what the patch notes for the Unreal Engine 4 update hints at.

Last year, PlayStation Boss Shuhei Yoshida gave hope to the PlayStation community by stating that Sony’s engineers are looking into the feature and will be delivered provided that it’s technically feasible.

Perhaps Sony’s engineers have finally come up with a solution. With PlayStation Experience scheduled to take place in about two weeks, could we expect the company to make an official announcement?

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