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Hyundai Securities Believe Samsung Will Have Folding Smartphones And Will Dominate OLED Market Next Year!


In terms of major changes, the mobile world has been constant over the last couple of years. There have been subtle design changes and big design changes in these few years. Apple’s added fingerprint sensors and Force touch, Samsung now has edged screens. LG’s G Flex 2 has a bendable screen. Not it seems that Samsung too might have such huge plans but on a much more grander scale.

Samsung’s Folding Smartphones To Debut In 2017

The world demands change and innovation and currently in the mobile market; a folding smartphone is really what is needed right now. While display qualities and materials being used in smartphones are improving day by day, the phone has been a rigid stiff object for a very long time. It seems like Samsung is planning to change that this year.

Korean analysts believe that Samsung will be announcing a very exciting and new kind of smartphone next year. If you are waiting for the Galaxy S8, you might have to wait a bit longer since Folding smartphones seem to be another innovation in the next year alongside the expected jump to 10nm architecture.

Samsung To Dominate The Mobile And OLED Market


Kim Dong-won a senior employee of Hyundai securities has a lot of information about Samsung’s plans. Kim said this about foldable phones.

The year 2017 will be the first year of foldable smartphones for the mass market. Following the launches by the Korean firms, other global rivals such as Apple and Google are also likely to unveil their own versions in 2018.

It is to be noted, however, that he does not specifically mention Samsung, this might mean that LG might not really be far behind.

He also believes that by H2 2017, Korean companies will start producing 6th generation OLEDS on a much larger scale. Samsung in particular aims to increase their output of OLED panels 10 times over the next 4 quarters.


We hope that Samsung brings a new kind of smartphone next year and we also hope that the company is able to keep the product intact while doing so, so it doesn’t end up like the Note 7. If you ask us, foldable smartphones don’t seem to be so far-fetched since Samsung has been testing foldable prototypes since a long time.


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