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Remember The Last Guardian With This Action Gameplay Trailer

Sony wants to ensure that everyone marks their calendars for next month’s anticipated release of The Last Guardian. A new gameplay trailer has been released for the upcoming action-adventure title that stitches together various tense (or key) moments from the game.

The 30-second clip gives us a short glimpse at the distressing story of The Last Guardian; the kid protagonist, his giantic feathered friend, and dangers of the world.

From the reveals so far, SCI Japan Studio looks to have done a good job. It’s about time as well. The game has been in development for almost a decade. However, whatever development hell The Last Guardian endured, it matters no more. We’re just a month away from release.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, game director Fumito Ueda admitted that he never intended for the game to take so long. Taking the example of No Man’s Sky, he stated that he understands all too well of how delaying a game can cause fans to start criticizing the developer, which in turn usually forces the game to be rushed. In the case of The Last Guardian, there were issues but the uproar from fans only fueled the team’s fashion to work harder.

Ueda is the creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, two classic titles that are still remembered from the early 2000s. Many are looking at The Last Guardian for nostalgia. We’ll see if the game lives up to its hype.

The Last Guardian releases exclusively for PlayStation 4 on December 6.

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