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Persona 5’s Western Release Delayed to April

Release of the highly anticipated Persona 5 has been pushed back into April, Atlus announced to the dismay of millions of fans.

Originally pegged for a release on February 14, the new installment in the storied role-playing series is going to hit shelves in the west on April 4. Unfortunately for western fans, they must find new ways of spending valentine’s day as developer Atlus needs additional time for polishing the game down.

During a live-stream this week where we saw gameplay footage in English for the first time, Atlus revealed that it plans to compensate players for the delay. Persona 5 was originally releasing without Japanese vocals, an aspect that was seriously frowned upon by many fans. Thanks to the delay, Persona 5 will now release with both Japanese and English audio. The added language options will be available as free downloadable content from the PlayStation Network.

“This was something we especially wanted to do for the Atlus Faithful,” wrote the developer in a new post on the official PlayStation blog, “the ones who still appreciate our English dubs and respect all the effort we put into localizing.”

Additionally, the developer is giving away a free Persona 5 PlayStation 4 theme for the next 24 hours as a bonus apology token.

Persona 5 has been in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for several years now. Rumors of the game began as soon as Persona 4 was released on PlayStation 3 back in 2008. Since then, we may have not gotten a direct installment but Atlus has made available several Persona spin-offs.

The delay may not be that big but is still going to sting western fans as Persona 5 was released in Japan a couple of months back in September. The reception from overseas has so far been stellar. With a near-perfect review score, Persona 5 has been praised for its drama, presentation and overall style.

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