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OnePlus 3T: Rumour Roundup Before The Unveiling

In a first for OnePlus, the company is coming out with an improved version of its flagship killer phone. It’s called the OnePlus 3T and is expected to feature a few spec bumps including software improvements but not much of a design difference. It’s obvious that this is OnePlus’s ‘S’ version of their flagship or a ‘Plus’ version or an ‘XL’ version. It’s just that they’ve replaced the S with a T. Smartphone leaders like Samsung and Apple, and now Google, have supersized versions of their phones so there’s no reason OnePlus can’t jump in.


Rumours of the name “OnePlus 3T” are all but confirmed now since the letter ‘T’ has been emphasized on the company’s Twitter feed. While the decision to shift from an ‘S’ to a ‘T’ is hardly original, you can’t help but smile a little at the company’s creativity using the name for a countdown.

The company has been known to market their phones with twit pics and images with a single neon letter on them (as they did for the OnePlus X). However, this is a first for the company. They’ve never released a better version of their phone after five months. And by the way, it is almost exactly five months since the OnePlus 3 came out.

The 3T is expected to be powered by the new Snapdragon 821 processor (more power) and to feature the “Sony IMX395 20-megapixel imaging sensor”. The camera and speed on the phone were already great, to begin with, so these new specs would deliver a major bump to its performance. Updating the image sensor makes all the sense in the world too because the lack of optical image stabilization was perhaps the common denominator among criticisms for the phone. screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-14-45-31

Other rumours say that the RAM, already the most ever on a phone at 6 GB, will be updated to 8 GB. All this combined with the fact that the phone is may run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, means that there will be a significant price bump. Now OnePlus raised the price of the ‘3’ by $100 from their previous models, the OnePlus One and 2 which sold for $299, but this new phone may be venturing in to Nexus territory. GSMArena highlighted that the 3T could cost as much as $479.

The 3T is also rumoured to have a 3,500-4,000 mAh battery according to the TheVerge. While this may discourage previous users of the OnePlus brand, it’ll still be a flagship killer at well below the price range of the likes of the iPhone and the Google Pixel.

The OnePlus 3T is scheduled to be unveiled tomorrow at 1 PM EST.



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