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Nintendo Swapdoodle 3DS Messaging App Is a Successor to SwapNote

Nintendo 3DS has unexpectedly received a new messaging app and it’s called Swapdoodle. Messages can be sent to friends in the form of hand-written notes or doodles, with the latter leaving little to the imagination where internet memes are concerned.

The Swapdoodle application is free to download. However, there is an option of paying for drawing tutorials and various kinds of stationary sets to enhance your drawing capabilities. This includes being able to draw key Nintendo characters or change the ink to something more catching. In-game packs cost £1.79 for stationary, £2.69 for a pack of lessons or £6.29 for bundles containing both.

The Swapdoodle messaging app is clearly a successor to SwapNote which was more commonly known in the UK as Nintendo Letter Box. It was released for the 3DS in 2011 and scrapped two years later following reports of child predators using the service in Japan.

Comparing both applications, Swapdoodle comes without the ability of attaching photos and voice clips to messages. That being said, Swapdoodle does see the return of the Nikki mascot. The green jacket-wearing Mii character is considered as a sort of cult icon among Nintendo fans, even appearing in Nintendo Badge Arcade and Mario Maker.

In related Nintendo news, the company just shipped over 10 million Pokémon Sun and Moon units to various retailers in expectation of strong sales. The two new titles release for 3DS tomorrow and Nintendo is making sure that every fan of the series is able to grab hold of a copy.

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