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New Mass Effect: Andromeda Teaser Drops Storyline Hints

Mass Effect: Andromeda has received a new teaser video which drops a fresh hint on when the storyline of the upcoming sci-fi RPG is set.

Based on various prior announcements, we are already aware of the fact that the new Mass Effect game takes place after the events of the original trilogy. The developer has made it fairly clear that both storylines are separate and take place in different galaxies altogether.

Today’s teaser video features the game’s Ryder sibling characters looking down on Earth from the moon as a narrator invites us to join the “Andromeda Initiative”. What’s that exactly? It’s a group of travelers volunteering to venture outside of the Milky Way galaxy and discover new secrets of uncharted space.

“The time has come to prepare ourselves for a future beyond the Milky Way; a future that begins 600 years from where we stand, in a time and a place among unknown stars and unseen dangers,” says the narrator.

Combining this new information with the older Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer where the female Ryder woke up from cryogenic sleep, it appears that the Andromeda Initiative takes 600 years to travel between the Milky Way and Andromeda.

Today’s teaser video also suggests that the Ryder duo leave Earth behind just before the invasion of the Reapers. This falls in line with a previous statement from BioWare that the events of the new game will not be based on the choices made at the ending of Mass Effect 3.

We still are fairly in the dark about the game. However, that may change in a week’s time when BioWare fully unveils the game on November 7. The annual N7 Day is approaching, a day dedicated to the celebration of the franchise.

Following a couple of delays, Mass Effect: Andromeda is now scheduled to officially release in March next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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