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Microsoft Reminds That Project Scorpio Will Deliver “Really True 4K”

It appears that Microsoft is not going to leave a single month intact without reminding the community of the raw power and capabilities of Project Scorpio.

The company’s upcoming console upgrade to Xbox One undoubtedly features impressive hardware, especially when compared with its competition, Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. With the latter hitting shelves last week, consumers have begun asking the important question of which of the two is capable of delivering true 4K resolution and not just scaled-up visuals.

According to Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg, the answer to that question is Project Scorpio. While attending the Xbox FanFest in Mexico over the weekend, he stated that the upcoming console will feature a graphical fidelity on a level “never seen before” on consoles.

He added that high-end PC owners are already experiencing that but at the cost of thousands of dollars. Microsoft is scaling that down to Project Scorpio which is designed to bring “really true 4K” and is the “most powerful console” anyone has ever seen.

Greenberg reiterated the company’s promise of all first-party games running at a native 4K resolution on Project Scorpio at launch. There is no if regarding that. It’s something that Microsoft is working very hard to ensure.

Following the console’s announcement at E3 2016 in June, Microsoft has refrained from revealing any more specifics about its hardware. According to Greenberg, that’s intention. Micirosoft is saving a fair good deal of information that it intends to reveal in 2017. He promised that fans will be both excited and surprised to know what’s in store for them.

Project Scorpio is scheduled to arrive in late 2017, making it hit retail a year after the release of PlayStation 4 Pro. The company has stated at numerous occasions that its console is far more powerful than Sony’s console upgrade.

Microsoft is yet to talk about a price point.

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