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Massive Battlefield 1 Fall Update Released, Brings a Ton of Changes

As promised, DICE has released a massive Battlefield 1 Fall update today that is accompanied by a lengthy and comprehensive changelog.

You’re guranteed to lose yourself in the list of changes and improvements to the latest World War I shooter. The official patch notes, which you can view here, run for 16 whole pages. To my memory, the last time such a monstrous update was released was with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt where CD Projekt RED went nuts filling pages after pages of changes.

The Battlefield 1 Fall update brings important changes for the new Operations mode. With the attacking side losing too often, the developer is bumping the number of tickets for the side. The time to capture flags has also been reduced, making it slightly easier for players to capture sections from the attacking side.

Adhering to community uproar on how Suez is one of the worst maps in the game, primiarly because of its small size, the Battlefield 1 Fall update adds two additional flags for Conquest mode. This ensures that a side is not able to take hold of all flags in the map for complete domination over the opposing side. Additionally, Suez has also received an armored car that should help a losing side get back into the game.

One of the most major changes of the update is the new ability to customize your soldier from within the UI. Previously, you couldn’t so during a match; unless you went back to main menu. Battlefield 1 now also supports a “rent-a-server” feature, while the ability to buy Battlepacks with real money is “coming soon.”

There are a ton of weapon balances as well. Light Machine Guns have been shown some love to be more viable as mid-range weapons. Their bullet suppression has been increased at medium range, accuracy improved, and first-shot recoil reduced. Low Weight machine guns now also gain accuracy faster during fire.

Gadgets and vehicles have been tweaked, a long list of bugs squashed, and other related improvements. Battlefield 1 should start feeling more stable after this update. This is the time to make a purchase if you haven’t already joined the battlefield.

Battlefield 1 released in October and went on to become the biggest launch game in DICE’s history with a monstrous number of daily active players.

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