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Mass Effect: Andromeda Reveal Trailer Will Leave You Speechless

As promised, Electronic Arts has released a new cinematic reveal trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda as part of the annual fan-driven N7 Day.

As hinted previously, the game’s Ryder sibling characters are part of an Andromeda Initiative program which scours the galaxy for a new home. Today’s trailer reveals the lead characters to awaken from an extensive cryogenic sleep to find that their search for a new home planet has only led them into the clutches of a new threat.

While the trailer doesn’t name the kind of threat we’ll have to deal with, it is apparent that the planet the Ryder siblings land on is hostile. There are riches to be found, secrets to be discovered, and potential rescue and salvaging missions to be executed.

Certain frames of the trailer showcase some of the planet’s inhabitants, including behemoth (robotic-looking) mech-monsters on an epic scale that rise from the harsh sands of the planet.

“You’re the new Pathfinder. How far will you go?” asks the trailer’s caption. Seeing the current hype train for the Mass Effect fan-base, it’s a certainty that we all are going to go as far as pre-ordering the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to release in Spring 2017. The month of March has been highlighted as a suitable release window but the publisher is yet to give us concrete confirmation.

EA and BioWare are putting everything into this game. Recently, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen stated that if the developers feel that another delay can make the final product better, there won’t be any hesitation of pushing Andromeda’s release back. That’s confidence and love that a studio should have for its games.

Just to be clear, the new Mass Effect game takes place after the events of the original trilogy. BioWare has made it fairly clear at multiple occasions that both storylines are separate and take place in different galaxies altogether.

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