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Mafia III Becomes Fastest Selling Game in 2K’s History

More than 4.5 million copies of Mafia III were shipped during its launch week, parent Take-Two Interactive announced during an investors briefing call.

Do note that the figure represents units shipped to retailers and not necessarily to consumers. It’s unknown as to how many copies retailers managed to actually sell during the first week of launch.

Nonetheless, the 4.5 million achievements means that Mafia III is the fastest-selling game in publisher 2K Games’ history. The open-world crime game has managed to put behind the likes of BioShock and Borderlands. Unfortunately, early reception suggests that Mafia III will not be able to become the best-selling game from the developer. That honor stays with Borderlands 2 for the time being for having sold over 13 million copies since its release in 2012.

Reviewers have so far put down Mafia III for its inability to completely make use of the beautiful setting of New Bordeaux. Despite the open-world opportunities, the single-player campaign basically revolves around the same batch of quests that players must grind over and over again. It doesn’t take long for monotony to set and for the players to start comparing the third installment to the brilliant original Mafia game.

Speaking to investors about the mixed reviews, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick confessed that the scores were lower than expected. “We have had an enormous amount of great reviews and consumers are buying it hand over fist, and that’s what we go by,” he concluded.

Zelnick also called the batch of mixed reviews as “anomalies in the review system”. Rather than sending out review codes beforehand, 2K Games waited until the last minute before dispatching any codes at all. This meant that while reviewers were writing their experience, the game was already selling on the shelves.

Released on October 7, Mafia III is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

SOURCE The Washington Post

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