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Intel Coffee Lake Processors To Launch In 2018, Details Leaked!


Intel’s 8th Generation processor named Coffee Lake processors have been detailed much ahead of their earlier which is rumored to be due in 2018. The processors will have a full lineup based on the 14nm node.

Intel’s Coffee Lake Processors For 2018 Detailed

Intel’s Coffee lake processors are interesting for mainstreamm and performance users as well. This leak comes over from the folks over at Benchlife who have posted specific SKU details



Intel Coffe Lake X Enthusiast Processors, iGPU included?

The tech giant is apparently launching a new socket LGA 2066 for their Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors. These will be launching simultaneoously in the second half of 2017. The SkyLake X will features upto 10 cores the new Coffee Lake-X will feature a new 6+2 die configuration. Intel will also be offering chips with a GT2 levell graphics chip as well.

Intel Processors Family

Intel’s Coffee Lake-S Desktop Processors to launch in February 2018?

It seems like with Coffee Lake mainstream users now are too going to get more cores and will also benefit from an improved process technology and a brand new platform.


The new variants are expected to launch in February 2018 and unlike a previous reeport, Coffee Lake will have a similar graphics architechture to Kaby Lake so don’t expect a huge difference. We can however expect the usual clock speed bump and an increase in core cont as well.

Intel CPU Generation Comparison:

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