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Images Of Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Surface In Time For Black Friday

48 hours after the rumours of the Glossy Black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge came forth, pictures have surfaced, proving the rumour true. They were revealed on the Weibo Account of a Samsung official who definitely wasn’t shy, putting up these images. He even put one up where he’s stroking the glossy finish on the back. This new finish is most probably a last ditch effort to give the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge a proper send-off before the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8 that promises to dig the company out of the ditch that was the Galaxy Note 7.

The “Glossy Black” Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge showed up on the Weibo account of a Samsung Official.


Sporting a shiny black finish like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the S7 Edge looks beautiful. Whether it will also share the Jet Black iPhone 7’s incredible love for fingerprints and smudging remains to be seen. Along with the Glossy black, the baby blue version of the flagship is available on all US carriers now and just in time for the Black Friday frenzy.samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-glossy-black-front-and-back-840x581 Colour schemes are becoming a big thing now that the feature train isn’t driving sales like it used to. A decline in sales has been seen across the board for the Samsung and iPhone flagships this year so beauty instead of features is topping the list of preferences among shoppers.

The iPhone 7/7Plus Jet Black colour flew off the shelves for its attractive and glossy finish. It was notably in the news due to shortages and delays in pre-orders

It’s the reason Google decided to release the Pixel and Pixel XL in 3 “hipster” colours. I mean seriously? Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue? Sure, the names sound silly but they’re still cute and flashy and something to show off to your friends.


Google decided to approach the naming of the colours of its Pixel line-up in the same fashion as its marketing campaign for Google+; the hipster route

Samsung Galaxy S7 Black Friday Deals

Best Buy is offering a Black Friday deal on the Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge. You get the phone for the normal price but you get with it, the Samsung Gear VR headset and a $250 gift card, completely free.

T-Mobile is giving away a free Samsung Flagship if you bring in “a qualified phone”. All you have to pay is the sales tax.

Samsung itself is giving away a Gear VR 2016 to anyone who buys an S7 or S7 Edge and a $50 Oculus content bonus.




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