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Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer Talks Challenges of Creating a New World

Sony has released a new trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn which takes us on a trip across the game’s beautiful open world.

In addition to the gorgeous landscapes, the trailer also comes with narrative from Guerrilla Games. Known for its first-person shooter series Killzone, the developer admits that there were several challenges when it came to creating the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive’s open world.

“We’re known for our first-person shooters series, Killzone. Storytelling in an open world in an RPG is not something that we hadn’t done before,” Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst said. “But I think all of us, we really welcome it as a wonderful opportunity to create something that’s so fresh, so new–it’s a wonderful challenge for us.”

Later in the trailer, art director Jan-Bart Van Beek takes over to talk about the different environment of the game. The entire in-game world is divided between specific areas that are unique in their own right. This includes jungles, forests, snow-covered mountains, deserts, and ruins; all of which players will be able to fully explore.

Horizon: Zero Dawn also features a day/night cycle and dynamic weather that work together to bring out the beauty of the elements of each environment. Players should note that the weather will play a role in gameplay. Rainy conditions can reduce visibility while snow-covered tracks can reduce mobility.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 on February 28. It’s one of the few current titles that has great potential to take advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro. The enhanced version of the game promises to feature extra details, vibrant colors, sharper textures, improved shadow maps, and higher quality anisotropic filtering which will increase quality of the surrounding environments.

As for what Guerrilla Games plans to do after the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn; in September, Hulst stated that it hasn’t ruled out another Killzone installment. The studio has great love for the franchise, and so does the community.

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