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Google Pixel/Pixel XL Receive “Double Tap To Wake” And “Raise To Wake” Update

Google Pixel/Pixel XL owners in Canada have received updates that allow the “Double Tap to Wake” and “Raise to Wake” features on the their phones. The update comes as a welcome gift after some users were disappointed that the already “light on features” Google flagships were missing these bells and whistles. Since the Nexus 6P and the new iPhones had the features already built in and LG and HTC had introduced updates to add this feature, it was a surprise that the Pixel/Pixel XL weren’t packing them. Well, now that we know that the Pixel has an IP53 rating, it’s not as surprising.

The update will be available to Canada users only but it will probably come out for US and International users sooner than later. The update weighs 261 MB and  But for those that already have the update, go to the “Moves” section in the General Settings menu and turn on the “Double-tap to check phone” and “Lift to check phone” options. nov-22-2016-11-46-22







Don’t despair if you haven’t received the update though, Droid Life has detailed instructions to install the update using an “over the air package”. pixel-update-3-551x980They have the download links to both the Pixel and Pixel XL updates but verification on the latter is still a bit sketchy.pixel-update-551x980

The tap to wake and lift to wake feature is the best trade off between always having your phone on and the Samsung “always on display”. Though the strain on battery life between the latter and the former must be minimal, the former is sure to win out in the long run as it shaves off seconds and removes another barrier between the user and the device. It’s the interim before we all have chips installed in our heads.

Pixel Flying Off The Shelves/ Verizon Offering Massive Black Friday Discounts

With Black Friday getting nigh, the Google Pixel/Pixel XL is flying off the shelves. Google is projected to sell between 3-4 million units by the end of the year.

Verizon is particularly benefitting from the phone with 7.5% of its service activations at Verizon stores for the Google Pixel. It’s also offering a 2 year long payment plan for the two phones this Black Friday, with the Google Pixel costing $240 ($10/month) and the Pixel XL costing $360 ($15/month). That’s a $410 discount on the Pixel and the Pixel XL. That’s pretty damn reasonable and when you’re getting Verizon’s considerable network coverage with it, it’s not bad at all.



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