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Google Chrome Is Now Running On 2 Billion Devices

In 2008, the world had gotten used to using Internet Explorer or Firefox and there was no third option. I can’t even remember what I was using at the time. The market share clearly went to the former and Apple users had Safari but the majority of users didn’t have access to it. Then Google came out with a new Browser called Chrome. It was different, to say the least. It just worked. It was blazing fast compared to Internet Explorer (a browser that was to become the butt of so many jokes and internet memes in the future) and it had a more friendly feel than Firefox. Plus, it ticked off the most boxes on html5test.com. It has dominated the market share ever since and has never looked back. Today, Google Chrome is actively running on 2 billion devices worldwide.2016-11-10_1036

Last September, this number was 1.4 billion and now it’s rounded itself off. 2 billion is a first, even for Google. Google Chrome’s simplistic interface, myriad extensions, and speed has left no other competition for it. Sure, Apple users still use Safari, but no other browser has as much space to modify and expand as Chrome.

There are negatives of course. Google Chrome is notorious for gobbling up RAM and being a burden on your processor, but then you get great performance and nary a complaint. And remember, there’s an update coming up that promises to fix that with Chrome version 55 so don’t despair. Also, Chrome, like all of Google’s other products, syncs up with everything. It allows you to sign in to your Google account and manage everything like you’ve never had to switch computers or reinstall browsers. You get all your extensions, backgrounds, apps, bookmarks, and browsing history back with the push of a button.

source: HTML5test.com
source: HTML5test.com

Chrome also updates in the background, and frequently at that. This is why Google has kept Chrome fresh even though its look really hasn’t changed all that much since its inception. Little improvements here and there keep customers happy and an overall clean look is achieved even with all the extensions and apps in the top right-hand corner.

In other news, Google has at least 1 billion active monthly users for seven of its services (GMail, Android, Search, YouTube, Maps, and Chrome). So it’s a win all around for Google. And with the release of the Pixel phones, there really is no limit to where this number can go.



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