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Galaxy S8 Is Powered By Its Own AI Digital Assistant

Patching Things Up

Following the absolute horrible run of the Note 7, Samsung’s PR has definitely dropped and it seems very hard for the company to regain its trust with its customers. The company is now completely focused on exchanging the already purchased Note 7 with other Samsung mobiles while also developing the Galaxy S8.


A New Helper

However, people have recently found out that the company is developing exciting new features which could help get the general public back on their side. The company is infusing the Galaxy S8 with a very powerful AI system and assistant. This is something which the Google Pixel has already done; but, most people believe that this feature will be built directly into the OS rather than an add-on.

Google’s New Rival

Samsung’s goal seems to be in line with Google’s; to provide consumers with a powerful intuitive intelligent personal assistant which can help users with their daily tasks and find small bits of information quickly easily using just their voice. Samsung as of yet has kept their mouth shut on what features they’re trying to implement in the new personal assistant but we can definitely expect something big to be coming up.

Most analysts believe that the assistant will replicate a lot of what Google has implemented into its Pixel phone. However, there will definitely be a lot of surprises since the company needs to start “wowing” crows again or else their PR will keep declining.


An Early Arrival?

The Galaxy S8’s launch date is expected to be the same which is early next year. This means that the new assistant could only be a few months away. Another report has also stated that the AI system will not be Samsung exclusive. It is expected that it will work and integrate with other third party applications in order to better facilitate the user. Whatever Samsung’s R&D team is working on, it has to be something big since Google is considered to be a world leader in AI while companies like Microsoft already have personal assistants like Cortana and Siri.

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