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First Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Drops in December

Electronic Arts released a new reveal trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda just moments ago. Featuring mostly computer-generated imagery (CGI) with a slight mix of actual gameplay, the next obvious question is when do we get to see a full-blown gameplay footage reveal?

The answer to that lies at the end of today’s trailer. Electronic Arts and BioWare will be teaming up to give us the first-ever gameplay footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda at The Game Awards 2016. The event is scheduled for December 1 and so we’re less than a month away.

The new cinematic trailer gives us a glimpse at the new space explorers as well as how the storyline pans out. As hinted previously, the game’s Ryder sibling characters are part of an Andromeda Initiative program which scours the galaxy for a new home. Today’s trailer reveals the lead characters to awaken from an extensive cryogenic sleep to find that themselves on a fairly hostile planet.

Just to be clear, the new Mass Effect game takes place after the events of the original trilogy. BioWare has made it fairly clear at multiple occasions that both storylines are separate and take place in different galaxies altogether.

In the wake of the new trailer, many retailers have opened up pre-orders for the game. Amazon is currently hosting Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition which features the Pathfinder casual outfit, Scavenger armor, Pathfinder elite weapon set, Pet Pyjak (Monkey), digital soundtrack, and multiplayer deluxe launch pack. There are two pre-order bonuses in the mix: the Deep Space Explorer armor and a multiplayer booster pack that provides five 50 percent experience boosters. Sounds pretty mass-ive.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to release in Spring 2017. The month of March has been highlighted as a suitable release window but the publisher is yet to give us concrete confirmation.

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