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Exynos 9 Series Could Be Powering Galaxy S8 Series!


Earlier reports have claimed that Samsung was working on an eighth generation Exynos 8895 SoC. However, it appears that the company has its sights set on the much more powerful Exynos 9 Series. The chip will be extremely beneficial for the company as it will be incorporated into the upcoming Galaxy S8 Series Of Smartphones.

Extreme Performance

Previous reports have stated that Samsung’s Exynos 8895 will improve image processing quality by 70 percent and will achieve an extremely high clock speed of 3.0 GHz. This is mainly due to the fact that the processor will be developed on the 10nm FinFET. It won’t be long till we are experiencing much higher levels of performance and efficiency in mobile phones.

New Processor, New Networking Capabilities!

Including this, the new Exynos 9 chipset is rumored to have something called the Shannon 359 bundled in it. One must remember that the company has been using Shannon modems in its mobile phones for a very long time. Shannon 359 is expected to provide supports for almost every network basebands in the world which are listed as follows.

  • TD-LTE
  • CDMA2000
  • CDMA
  • GSM



The level of compatibility Samsung requires to use this processor to its maximum extent in smartphones might not arrive until the late quarter of 2017 which might suggest that the Galaxy S8 will not benefit from this at all and will only gain higher performance and efficiency. Sources also talk about the fact that they are still unsure of what modem will be in the chipset. This also means that there might be an internal design change to fit the Shannon 359 modem.

This is definitely exciting news for the new phone, however, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt since they are not always true.



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