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EVGA BIOS Update Promises Fix for Nvidia GTX 1070, 1080 Overheating

Those owning Nvidia GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 graphic cards should find solace in the fact that there’s a new EVGA BIOS update in the works. According to the hardware manufacturer, the update should fix the issue of overheating that has so far caused a number of GTX 1070/1080 cards to literally catch fire.

EVGA is currently facing a PR nightmare in the wake of mounting criticism. A company that is renowned for its exceptional customer support was taken aback when the first couple of user-reports came barging in.

At the start, EVGA stated that the overheating was caused by the fact that the heatsink only covers the GPU core and not the memory and VRAM. As a solution, it went with additional thermal pads between the backplate and PCB. However, it wasn’t a concrete solution as several more users began reporting their cards destroyed after heating up.

The upcoming EVGA BIOS update is the next solution from the company. In a new statement, the manufacturer assures that the update will “adjust the fan-speed curve to ensure sufficient cooling of all components across all operating temperatures.”

The update should arrive in the next few days for past owners while all cards shipped after November 1 will already have the update applied. At the same time, EVGA states that the new GPU cards shouldn’t be damaged by running at higher temperatures. However, in accordance with its customer support standards, it’s willing to honor any relevant warranty services.

To clarify, the issue isn’t widespread and there are many out there who have not reported any overheating issues. Nonetheless, it’s wise to check your card out to be safe. Keep a wary eye on your temperatures and physically check the PCB out for any signs of damage. Make sure that your long gaming sessions had no effect on the card.


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