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Ditto Finally Reveals Itself In Pokemon Go!

Well, he’s been hiding all this time but he finally came out of hiding. Ditto has finally shown himself in Pokemon Go! It’s been a long time coming. Shortly after many Pokemon Go players caught almost all the Pokemon in their area, they realised they didn’t quite have all 150 Pokemon. Quite sad, realising that you didn’t “Catch ’em all”, once you thought you had. We’re still not there yet but now that Ditto has come out of hiding, that brings the tally to 147. The only ones left are the three legendary birds (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos) and Mewtwo.

The Pokedex has this to say about Ditto:

“This Pokémon has the ability to reconstitute its entire cellular structure to transform into whatever it sees.”

What remains to be seen is what players will be able to do with the Pokemon. Ditto is basically a cheat code. It can mimic the appearance and abilities of every Pokemon out there so what’s to stop it from mimicking say, a Mewtwo or a Moltres? ditto

There could be a lot of interesting abilities built into Ditto like being able to mimic certain Pokemon only after it has reached a certain level or getting exceedingly good at mimicking each Pokemon once it has fought as that Pokemon repeatedly. There could also be a feature which allows Ditto to only mimic Pokemon it has seen before. All these features will not only make the game fairer, but also more challenging and interesting.

At this point, Pokemon Go is nowhere near as popular as it used to be. That’s partially due to how big it became in such a short time. No one could’ve predicted that a Pokemon game in this day and age could become the most popular and commercially successful mobile game in history. Honestly, it rode the nostalgia train to victory. Yet, because of that fact, the makers of the game couldn’t update it fast enough to keep players interested.

Grievances included:

  1. No Legendary Pokemon
  2. No way for players to battle each other (only gym battles included)
  3. Tedious gameplay after level 20
  4. Having to fly halfway around the world to capture 3-4 Pokemon unavailable in your region

So Pokemon Go went from being the most popular Google Search to being one of the most popular Google Searches in the world and it kept falling. But Niantic had made their millions. But bringing in a few new features, especially “Grievance No. 2” might help bring back a lot of players. It is the basic premise of Pokemon to battle players to get better after all. Sure gym battles are great as part of the story, but sometimes you just want to have a go at your friends to prove that you are superior.



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