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Details Drop for Four Mass Effect: Andromeda Companions

Information has trickled down regarding four companions that you’ll cross paths with in Mass Effect: Andromeda. These are the people who respect you and are willing to tag along as you travel the known and unknown portions of the universe.

Liam (Human) is a former cop who joined the Pathfinder team in order to provide security. He’s described as a “youthful, enthusiastic and idealistic” individual who is quick to anger. Liam is also one of two starting companions for your journey.

Cora (Human) is the second of two starting companions for the game. Little is known about her at present, except for a little fact that she’s able to deploy a Biotic shield to fend off attacks.

Peebee (Asari) makes contact during the earlier portion of the game’s campaign and becomes available as a companion soon after. She’s described as an independent and fast-talking individual who has a keen interest in learning about alien civilization inhabiting the unknown corners of the galaxy.

Peebee is just a nickname and her real name is so far unknown. She’s been regularly shown by BioWare in the trailers released so far (pictured above).

Drack (Krogan) is someone who BioWare has yet to officially announce. According to recent leaks, he’ll have his own loyalty mission where players must rescue a lost ship of Krogan passengers. Successful completion of the quest will convince him to join your squad.

While the developer has not confirmed just how many companions Mass Effect: Andromeda will feature, it’s likely that the game will boast more than just four. Mass Effect 2 from the original trilogy featured the highest in the series so far with 10 and another two through post-release content. On the other hand, the concluding Mass Effect 3 featured just six with one more through DLC. The companion count of Mass Effect: Andromeda should lie somewhere in the middle.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to debut gameplay footage at The Game Awards on December 1. We’re probably going to see BioWare unveil more details for the ship’s crew.

via Eurogamer

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