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Here Are Some Of The Best Pokemon Go Bots That Work Currently

Pokemon Go is no longer the crowd puller it once was but it’s still the breakout hit of the year. And in a year with so many lows, one hitting particularly recently, we need every high we can get. Now Pokemon Go botting started as soon as the game hit consumers but legal action was taken against offenders by Niantic and many accounts have since been banned over the offense. But there are still a few bots out there that work and some work pretty well. While we don’t condone botting at all and warn our readers that it is a bannable offense, here are the best Pokemon Go bots that still work:

  1. Necrobot: This is has been high on the list for a long time. Necrobot was started by NecronomiconCoding and has since become the most popular free Pokemon Go bot.necrobot It has rigorously updated itself after each Niantic update and promises to offer protection against bans through automatic updates and automatically evolves and transfers your Pokemon. If you’re just trying to finish the game and have a snooze and wake up to find your arsenal filled with top level champions, this is the one for you.
  2. PokeBuddy: Another free bot that promises you fast and efficient gameplay. pokebuddyThis one boasts that it can get you 50,000 experience points in the span of an hour and free up your phone to do anything else you may want while it silently works in the background. It has a custom set of features you can turn on and off like evolving Pokemon and transferring duplicates.
  3. MyPokeBot: This is the first paid bot I came across and it offers an anti-ban algorithm. pokebotIt goes for $7.69 for the Monthly Pro package, $29.99 for the Unlimited Pro package. You can also try it free for an hour to see how your experience goes.
  4. PoGo Best Bot: Sounds like a kids tv channel I used to watch way back when I was a kid but this bot means business too. pogo-best-botIt’s a premium bot that offers a trial service of an hour and a license purchase of $9.99. It has all the great features other bots have but boasts “Special User Interfaces” to help players. It has a Pokemon Screen to keep track of your arsenal, a Map view and an Inventory screen for your PokeBalls and crystals etc. It also claims that it can get you to Level 30 in 48 hours.

Pokemon Go Botting was adopted heavily after users began to notice that the game became very tedious around level 20. It was becoming so boring to do the same stuff over and over again without surprises and it basically became a tedious crawl towards finishing the game. Nevertheless, botting is wrong. It takes the competition and fun out of videogames. And since it’s also punishable by the company that made the game you shouldn’t take any chances.



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