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Battlefield 1’s Server Rental Program Is Lackluster at Best

Prior to the release of Battlefield 1, Electronic Arts revealed that it plans to tackle the subject of server rentals a bit differently. It’s traditional for players to rent online servers from third-party vendors for their own use. EA, however, is taking up the responsibility of providing Battlefield 1 servers on its own shoulders.

This means that third-party vendors are completely out of the equation and players will be renting out servers directly from EA. According to previous announcements, the publisher finds this mode of business more appealing as it gives them better control and in turn ensures quality experience.

The Battlefield 1 rent-a-server program launched this week much to the dismay of players. For unknown reasons, EA has pulled back on several key features that should be part of the package by default.

Those who have already rented Battlefield 1 servers report that they are only able to add six maps to a rotation. This might not sound troublesome at the moment but will prove to be a source of annoyance once DICE releases additional map-packs.

Server administrators have no access to any ban-list. This puts user-experience in jeopardy as moderators and administrators have no way to curb their servers of toxic and hacking individuals.

The servers are also deprived of a back-end menu that severely limits control. This means that there is no optimized way of kicking players or changing the current map rotation by choosing a different next map. Additionally, the game enforces “skill-based auto-balance and there is no way around it.

Server administrators are always able to reserve a few slots for themselves. The Battlefield 1 rent-a-server program removes this feature, and so even the people running a server have to wait their turn.

Furthermore, there is no way of customizing weapons or vehicles. If you thought that you would have the freedom to ban a specific weapon, gadget, or vehicle, think again. In comparison to Battlefield 4, it was normal to find servers where grenades were disabled or ones without any vehicles.

In a nutshell, there are close to zero administrator privileges. One would expect to have complete control of a server that he/she is paying for.

EA and DICE are quiet on the matter at the moment. It seems illogical of EA to enforce such harsh rules for server rentees. We’re hoping that the company will come around to address the situation and release more access in a future update.

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