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The worst optimization yet? Mafia 3 puts beasty rigs to their knees


A new dilemma?

It seems like there is no new game which comes out without its fair share of glitches and glitches. It seems like Mafia 3 too is a contender for one of the most horrible PC releases this year. Not because of its gameplay, mind you, mainly because of its horrible optimization.

It was only some days ago that a patch was released which optimized the game and removed the annoying 30 fps cap on PC, but even after the cap was removed, most users reports getting horrible performances on their powerful gaming rigs.

A new Crysis?

Even a computer running a Geforce GTX 1080 was unable to sustain 60 fps on 1080p, which is something completely absurd. If you were to tone the settings down of course, things would get better. But yet again one must realize that the new game doesn’t have fantastic graphics and it doesn’t make sense for it give such a horrible performance on even the most powerful graphic cards.

Mafia 3 benchmarks at 1920x1080 (FHD)


If you are owning a GTX 1060, you might be able to get 45 FPS if you are willing to decrease the game quality a little bit, if you own a faster card like a 1070/1080 you can get up to 60 fps without changing the settings. If you have an older 700/600 series card then your out of luck.

Whose fault is it?

Nvidia and AMD both work hard to deliver game ready drivers even before the game is released, so their users can enjoy the best gaming experience as the games are already pre-optimized according to their graphic cards. But it seems however; that no matter how much optimization the two companies do, there is something fundamentally wrong with the coding behind Mafia 3 which make it hog all of the GPU’s resources and still provide such a horrible result.

Will we get a fix?

Seeing as this is an issue from the developers side, it won’t be wrong to expect a game patch soon which will fix this issue. However, it is annoying to see PC gamers being milked out of their money due to such expensive releases and pre-orders and still getting such a glitchy and poorly optimized game. This signifies that most developers don’t care about thoroughly beta testing the games in order to see if there is something fundamentally wrong with the game play.

Whatever you guys might think, I am definitely losing my faith when it comes to PC game developers.

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar is a gaming fanatic who loves reading about everything new when it comes to technology. He is an experienced writer and mainly focuses on hardware.


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