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Watch Dogs 2 PS4 Pro Version May or May Not Arrive at a Later Date

PlayStation 4 Pro support for the upcoming open-world hacking action-adventure Watch Dogs 2 sequel is up in the air.

Ubisoft is not ready to confirm that Watch Dogs 2 will be available for Sony’s console upgrade at launch. Speaking with HipHopGamer in a recent interview, creative director Jonathan Morin stated that he and his team are currently focusing on the launch of Watch Dogs 2 for existing platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

When asked about an enhanced version for PlayStation 4 Pro, Morin responded that Ubisoft is always looking to bring its games to other platforms. However, there’s nothing to announce at the moment.

While many developers have already announced support for PlayStation 4 Pro, Ubisoft is being cautious for Watch Dogs 2. Considering the controversial release of the first game, it makes sense that Ubisoft is pouring all of its resources to make sure Watch Dogs 2 is not history repeating itself. That’s actually commendable and impressive, and also warrants no criticism from anyone looking to purchase the console upgrade later this year.

Do recall that the recent PlayStation Meeting event demonstrated Watch Dogs 2 on PlayStation 4 Pro. Hence, support is definitely there. However, it’s also possible that Ubisoft simply worked on a minor portion of the game, just enough to suit the needs of Sony’s event.

The sequel features an impressive open-world game with interlinking side-quests. While traditional games offer side-quests that have their own (limited) story aspect, the ones in Watch Dogs 2 are directly connected with the main storyline in some manner. This will force players, who usually like to rush games, opt to complete side-quests in order to learn more about the storyline.

Watch Dogs 2 is scheduled to release on November 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We’re just one month away from launch. If a PlayStation 4 Pro version is in Ubisoft’s pipelines, it’s likely to be coming sometime next year.

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