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Valve Partners With Samsung for New Steam Link Deal

Valve is bringing the Steam Link platform to future Samsung television sets, the company announced during its annual Steam Dev Days conference.

Steam Link is an alternative means for PC users to play games in their living rooms. The device connects a PC system to a television display, allowing you to play/stream Steam games on your TV through a network connection.

The newfound partnership between Valve and Samsung means that new Samsung TVs will not require owners to purchase additional hardware in order to connect their sets using HDMI. The only hardware required will be a sizable PC, a good enough internet connection, and of course, a valid Steam account.

On that note, you’ll definitely require a controller to play. You have the option of purchasing Valve’s new Steam Controller for $49.99. It comes with the traditional four face buttons, as well as dual trackpads that are designed to emulate the precision of a mouse.

However, Valve’s annual developer-focused conference also revealed that the company is bringing native PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller support to Steam in the future. That will discard the need for third-party applications which users are currently using. It will also allow you to opt for a DualShock 4 over Steam Controller for Steam Link.

Neither Valve nor Samsung have said when TVs with Steam Link integration will be available.

Steam Link isn’t the first device that tackles PC and living room gaming. Sony’s PlayStation Now is a similar service that allows users to stream games on to their TVs. It began with only consoles for input but now is also available for PC through browsers. In terms of Samsung support, PlayStation Now works with “select” Samsung smart TVs.

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