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Sunset Overdrive for PC Lies in Microsoft’s Hands

This week saw Insomniac Games exclaim that nothing would make it happier than to bring Sunset Overdrive over to PC. However, the decision for a Windows version lies solely in Microsoft’s hands.

In the wake of those statements, several PC enthusiasts ventured over to social media to voice their request to the publisher. Microsoft has finally responded.

Speaking with GameSpot, a Microsoft spokesperson expressed great praise for the folks at Insomniac Games. While Microsoft as a publisher is always looking for new ways to bring more games to its loyal fan-base, it’s too soon to be talking about a PC version of Sunset Overdrive.

The company certainly looks interested in the project but perhaps now is not the right time to allocate resources to the game. Microsoft has bigger fish to fry; preparing for the launch of Xbox Scorpio as well as several upcoming titles that delve in the company’s “Xbox Play Anywhere” program.

Sunset Overdrive released in October 2014 as an exclusive title for Xbox One. Part of the reason why Insomniac decided to make it an Xbox One-exclusive was because Microsoft reportedly allowed the studio to own the rights to the Sunset Overdrive franchise.

As things stand, we have a better chance of seeing a sequel release simultaneously for both Xbox and PC. The developer has already expressed a wish to work on Sunset Overdrive 2. We’ll just have to wait for Microsoft to give the studio a green light.

Insomniac Games is currently working on three virtual reality games for Oculus Rift: Edge of Nowhere, The Unspoken, and Feral Rites. It is also working on an epic Spider-Man title for PlayStation 4. We were shown a glimpse of its open-world at E3 2016 and it looks ravishing.

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