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Star Citizen Suffers Another Delay, Squadron 42 Pushed Into 2017

The subject of delays isn’t one that surprises Star Citizen backers anymore. Nonetheless, the sci-fi-base should be extremely disappointed to know that Star Citizen will not be receiving Squadron 42 this year.

Speaking at the CitizenCon event over the weekend, studio founder Chris Roberts confirmed that the single player campaign is being pushed into the depths of 2017. He assured that development of Squadron 42 is shaping up nicely but there’s still so much left to do. While necessary technology elements have been lined up, more time is needed to ensure complete materialization of the studio’s vision.

Roberts further revealed that some features being worked on right now include stuff like “pathfinding logic, improved combat logic and mission system integration.” All chapters are supposedly near completion and Cloud Imperium Games will offer in-depth footage once one chapter has been finalized for shipping.

As mentioned above, Squadron 42 is the single player campaign for Star Citizen. It takes place within the same universe and can be played offline. It features three episodes, the first of which was originally promised to arrive in early 2016.

This was then assumed to be delayed into the summers. Now, though, we’re left wondering whether 2017 will see the launch of all three episodes or just the first. Based on previous announcements, the first episode is supposed to feature about 70 missions in total that will give players up to 20 hours of gameplay time.

Squadron 42 features the involvement of key figures, including Gary Oldman as Admiral Bishop as well as Mark Hamil, John Rhys Davies, and Gillian Anderson.

Star Citizen continues to forfeit its roadmap. Questions are already being raised about the highly ambitious sci-fi project. Many fear that the studio is promising too much to its backers. As things stand, a complete release of Star Citizen is still way off target. 2017 is likely to pass as a breeze. Personally, I wouldn’t even imagine the studio talking about a complete release until past 2018.

VIA PC Gamer

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