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Skyrim Special Edition Fails to Impress PC Users

It’s been a couple of days since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. The remastered version has for good reasons attracted the console player-base, many of whom are ready to invest numerous hours into the magnificent open-world again. However, the PC version is another story.

In its attempts to improve several aspects of the original game, the special edition has seemingly put down the audio aspect for the PC version. Early adopters on Steam have been reporting how the audio of the special edition is a mess. According to modder LasurArkinshade, Bethesda Softworks is using badly compressed audio files for the PC version. In contrast, the PlayStation 4 version is said to feature higher quality audio files than even the original Skyrim version on PC.

This is simply unacceptable. Following mounting criticism, the developer has responded that it’s looking into the matter. A hot-fix should be able to correct the issue. Global community manager Matt Grandstaff has promised that a fix is currently being tested and an update should arrive next week.

That’s pretty quick of Bethesda Softworks. Considering its patch strategy for Fallout 4, many were worried that the developer would simply wait in order to correct multiple issues with a larger update down the line.

Coming over to visual fidelity, Skyrim Special Edition at its core is an improvement for vanilla graphics. As much as that might be true for consoles, many on PC fail to distinguish any major improvements over the original version. This doesn’t even include the fact that a remastered Skyrim version on PC is never going to hold a candle to its vast modding workshop.

Anti-consumer or not, Bethesda sent out review copies of the game just a day before the actual release. Reviews are slowly surfacing on the web and are above than average. It’s safe to assume that reviewers didn’t have much to go through since it’s pretty much the older game with slight improvements. Otherwise, it wouldn’t seem prudent to push a Skyrim review within a couple of days.

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