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Sean Murray Busy With No Man’s Sky Next Patch, Hasn’t Flown the Coop

Considered a highly anticipated game of the year, No Man’s Sky released to great criticism as far as the community is concerned. While the game still received good enough reviews from publishers, users coaxed into obtaining early copies were none too pleased with the final product.

In the wake of mounting criticism, including the accusation of fraudulent advertisement, Hello Games vanished from social media. Its director Sean Murray, the front face for the game, stopped using any of his social media accounts. While many would have attempted to address the situation, Murray seemingly thought it best to simply disappear in order to dodge the huge backlash.

No Man’s Sky Audio Chief Paul Weir took to Twitter today to confirm that Sean Murray is “fine” and is busy working on the next update with his team. A major No Man’s Sky content patch is said to arrive later this year. Weir didn’t clarify as to whether the game’s next patch is just dealing with fixes or bringing in new content and features.

Responding to the question of a lack of communication, Weir said that he isn’t the right guy to answer that. “It’s entirely up to Hello Games or Sean Murray as to when they want to talk publicly,” he stated

Murray is expected to come in the open sooner or later to address users and answer their questions about No Man’s Sky. According to last week’s LIVE with YouTube Gaming, Geoff Keighly could be hosting an upcoming episode with Murray to talk about the game. There has been no further clarification or update provided since then.

Suffice to say, whenever Murray does surface, it’s going to be an open brawl on social media. It would be extremely surprising to see a Reddit AMA go clean. Nonetheless, Murray needs to be open now with his users more than ever.

No Man’s Sky released in August for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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