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Samsung Halts Production Of The Galaxy Note 7

A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Berlin in September.
A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Berlin in September.

The tech giant Samsung has decided to suspend the production of its flagship phone, the Note 7 until further notice. A large number of industry analysts had expected this due to the issues consumers were facing when using the mobile.

Getting ready for the next big thing?

Most tech experts assume that the production of the Note 7 has suspended since the company is preparing for the S8, which is expected to be released much earlier than anticipated. Samsung states that this is

” temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters.”

According to their statement, it does not look like Samsung is permanently terminating the production of the Note 7, but most experts think that it will eventually happen. The phone has garnered a horrible image due to the damage it has done.

An Exploding Dilemma

While Samsung was quick to replace most faulty phones. US officials think that a second phone replacement might be in order after one replacement phone caught fire during boarding.  The second incident lead to a man being hospitalized as the phone exploded near him. Samsung said this about the matter to Time Magazine:

“Until we are able to retrieve the device, we cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7. We are working with the authorities and Southwest now to recover the device and confirm the cause. Once we have examined the device we will have more information to share.”

These issues have made the public lose trust from the company, and unless and until it doesn’t take major steps in order to improve the phablet, or provide customers with a worthy replacement, expect the consumers to completely boycott the company due to its faulty phones.

Death of the Note?

The note series is loved by many, its large size makes it comfortable to hold, its powerful specifications make sure that it’ll perform without giving a hitch. In fact, after the S Series, the Note was the most successful phone series for the Korean company.

Most agree that if the Note issue isn’t resolved, there won’t be another Note coming up anytime soon. Most retail stores have already sent their Note 7’s back due to the issues previously mentioned. Samsung is already facing heavy losses. But the company keeps issuing confusing statements. The company has already recalled one million Note 7’s from the U.S alone.


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